Valentia Island

Ireland's hidden treasure

Valentia Island

The rich heritage and beauty of Valentia Island combined with the welcome of its people make it the perfect base for exploring the Skellig Coast and our place on the Wild Atlantic Way. The island offers a unique visitor experience spanning 385 million years of heritage from the oldest known Devonian Tetrapod Trackways through to the foundation of modern global communications. Valentia Island Lighthouse @ Cromwell Point is one of the Great Lighthouses of Ireland, a program providing visitor experiences at 12 lighthouses around the coast of the island of Ireland.

Valentia Island is a must visit on the Wild Atlantic Way, a place to linger and experience island life and the Skellig Coast. The island provides endless opportunities for experiencing the outdoors and immersing yourself in island life on the western edge of Europe. There are many routes to walk, run and cycle; coves and bathing spots to explore; piers to jump off; and plenty of tables in local hostelries to share food and drink with friends and family.

Knightstown, Valentia Island, Co. Kerry | SkelligWalker Cruises | Visit Valentia Island on the Wild Atlantic Way

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